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SoWe tries to stand out amongst a crowd of gastropubs

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t says:  g and I went to SoWe the other day.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember what it is everyone got, but I do remember these …

August 2012, Dinner, Party of 4.  I had this drink – try to guess what it was by appearance:

What flavors do you think are in this drink?

This, my friends, is a chocolate-bacon martini.  It’s made with Bakon vodka, and it’s de-li-cious.  BUT, before you react, “that’s so totally gross”, hear me out!  The drink does not taste like a crap-ton of bacon.  It’s more like a chocolate martini with a little bit of smoky-saltiness at the end, which keeps you coming back for more.  It’s actually a perfect balance, which I think is important, because with too much bacon flavor, I imagine you’d cry uncle after the second sip.  So give this thing a whirl – it’s a perfect after-dinner drink!

Pork Belly pastrami sandwich

The pork belly sandwich was pretty tasty, but I have to say that it wasn’t like the pork belly, itself, was adding a ton of dimension.  I think I was a bit underwhelmed because of the pork belly cookery: it wasn’t the most tender pork belly ever, and it wasn’t really “crisped” like the menu promised.  I was torn because I’m sure that had Fond or Cochon executed this sandwich, then the pork belly would have absolutely sung.  This one just kinda “middled”.  The rye and the coleslaw were each “ok”, so the sum of all of the parts amounted to: “good”.

There were a few other dishes we had (g had a burger – it was “fine”), but I assure you the while everything was on a similar level of “good” or “fine.  I guess we just had higher hopes, as it seems that gastropubs frequently have some kind of super-awesome “shtick” when it comes to food, be it a signature burger or some kind of friend chicken or whatever.  So either SoWe just hasn’t found it yet, or we haven’t found SoWe’s yet.  Fortunately the food was “good enough” enough to warrant return visits in the future with friends (after all, I have to get people to try that bacon-chocolate martini!), but just not quite good enough for g and I to make plans to go there, like, tomorrow.

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10 September 2012 at 3:05pm

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