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t says:  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for Tastykakes.  Mostly this is because that is what I ate for the majority of my childhood – we’d go to WaWa and I’d get some assortment of pies/krimpets/kandykakes … you name it, and I ate it.

When I saw that TastyKake was going to do some collaboration with Hershey’s, I was intrigued.  Could it be that the joining of two of my favorite junkfoods of youth would result in some sort of unparalleled deliciosity?  I wanted to find out … but just couldn’t for the love of me find out where they were sold …

And then one day in the cafeteria, they appeared!

Why buy one when I can fit two in my pocket?

So there we go – I bought one of each and shared with my colleagues.

My colleagues preferred the Reese’s …

Both of the cakes were surprisingly spongy – I thought they’d be denser, like a krimpet.  I think the texture kind of threw me off because you’d think they’d be more “solid”.  The choco+PB one tasted a little like a PB KandyKake, which is good, however, the ratio of chocolate and PB was all kinds of weird …  There was too little PB, and the cake’s chocolateyness was underwhelming, leaving only the coating to provide any real chocolate texture/flavor.  I don’t know – it just rubbed me the wrong way … in every possible way.

I preferred the S’mores

The S’mores was slightly more unique of a combination, but once again, the excessive amount of bland cake kinda-sorta-ruined everything.  Give me one more stripe of marshmallow, another layer of graham, and a slightly thicker layer of chocolate, and then we’d be cooking with gas …

So what’s a chocolate-lover to do in light of these failures?
Well, I’ve been eating these:

as previously seen here … now over a year later and I’m hooked!

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10 November 2012 at 7:55pm

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