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t says:  So, we’ve been gone for a while due to the holidays, but now we’re back and ready to blog blog and blog some more.

Here’s a little teaser:


ramen … in chocolate?


see the ramen!

Yea, so I have a notorious sweet-tooth, so I like me some chocolate.  Also, as you can remember, I also like ramen.  So would the combination reward me with a sweet-savory one-two punch?  Well … kinda … I enjoyed the flavor combination – the salty/earthy/umami of the ramen was fun with the not-too-bitter chocolate.  But I just didn’t quite like the noodle bits – they added an awkward crunchiness that wasn’t as desireable as I had hoped.  This is on contrast to nuts, which kinda crunch and go away; meanwhile, the raw noodles had this crackley-crunch that just kept going as the uncooked noodles broke down into smaller pieces of uncooked noodles.  I don’t think I’ll be buying another one of these in the future, but I still think they’re worth a first try if you haven’t had one yet.  Maybe buy it and share with three friends?  (each bar is made of four blocks) – it’s worth the experience just so you can have an opinion.

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12 January 2013 at 2:08pm

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