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t says:  It’s that time of life again: “standardized testing time”.  And it’s all goin’ down at the end of this month.  In an effort to limit distractions, we’re going to put the blog on hiatus … but of course, I’ll leave us with some parting shots and a preview of what’s to come …

garces invasion

jose garces has invaded a local children’s hospital’s cafeteria with distrito tacos … trust me – they are ten times better than the previous taco-related foods that were being offered and at least 2.3 times better than anything else they have ever offered.  My source (i.e. the dude running the station) says they’re coming back in June sometime – I hope they stay!

from belgium

kp was so kind as to bring us a gift from his international travels … we couldn’t drink any of that super-crazy beer that he had to drive up a mountain to some kind of monastery for in Belgium, but we do sure like chocolate!


g liked how the chocolates, themselves, were labeled with what they tasted like – it was very cool.  and the chocolates were great!  they had just the right proportion of chocolate to filling (i.e. the imprinted flavors were just a thin layer so they didn’t overwhelm the chocolate so much as accent it). I think these’d be a great dinner party thing to have.


speaking of parties … well let’s just say that someone special is having their 80th birthday party pretty soon … and that person put g in charge of putting a and me in charge of acquiring EtOH for the party … so a and I went shopping this weekend for the party …  Funny thing happened – with our combined infinite wisdoms, neither of us stopped to think about how much we could actually transport in the car when we made our purchases – we just stopped buying things when we felt like we had “enough” … and we come out to my tiny clown car (our adorable volvo C30 named FiFi) and panic strikes us – was it all going to fit?  Well, as you can see, it did!  But we literally could not fit a single other case of beer or wine in the car (a did have to hold a case on his lap).  Crisis averted!  Now that I have scrutinized the layout, I suspect that with some reorganization of with putting some cases on their side, I may have found another way to fit at least 2 more cases back there … next time!  And when we come back from hiatus, I’m sure we’ll have updates as to how the party went.

And now … the main [other] main June event …  So, my testing ends on the 27th of June … and on the 29th: we go to Talula’s Table!  Woohoo!  There will be food and wine galore.  I’ll be posting pretty shortly thereafter – I promise!

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3 June 2013 at 8:56am

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