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plcb strikes again …

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t says: Fine wine and good spirits strikes again with some intriguing buys …


greywacke: this wine was delicious when we had it last.  i’m suspicious of plcb’s score given how tight supplies have been since their glowing Wine Spectator reviews – i had to do a double-take to make sure it’s the real thing.  if it’s like the last bottle, it’ll be delicious indeed!  and if not, i’m going to blame the plcb’s storage practices and return all that i bought … (as an FYI – this wine takes a few minutes of swirling or an hour or so after bottle opening to let the super-funky-skunky petrol to blow off the nose – give it time and be rewarded handsomely with tropical fruits, citrus, pith, and a zing at the end that screams New Zealand!)

bennett lane

bennett lane: a is a huge fan of bennett lane – he hearts them a lot.  he thinks it’s quite a deal.  he’s probably right – maybe worth a shot.

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13 June 2013 at 9:35pm

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