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t says:  g is busy hangin’ out in Greece – I hope she’s taking some pictures to share!  So what does that mean?  It means that I have to cook for myself … which isn’t that big of a deal … unless I’ve had a long day and my silliness comes out … For example, while walking home, I pondered, “gee, I forgot to eat lunch … what should I eat?  Well … I made some super-secret-recipe-macaroni salad last night, so I should probably eat that … but I want something sweet … and we have some eggs in the fridge … oh, wait – that bottle of wine is open …”  So this was the result:


obviously, I decided to make a PB2&J&C&E sandwich to have with my macaroni salad … that’s right – it’s peanut butter (two types – creamy and crunchy) and jelly and [lemon] curd and egg sandwich.  does it “go well” with a French sauvignon blanc?  … who cares?  it was so delicious that i’m doing the same thing tomorrow night, too!  the thin coat of lemon curd made it all work!

A has informed me that the above sandwich concoction is disgusting and should not have been posted on the blog (I presume because it would dissuade future visits) …  But if you can get away putting a fried egg on a burger, then why not on a PB&J sandwich?

Written by afterdinnersneeze

11 July 2013 at 8:17pm

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