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t says:  Today [i.e. the day I’m writing this, not the day this will post], Kanella served us the best brunch they have ever served us.  It was a perfect storm that looked a bit like this:


Step One: Bring Riesling.  g and I pulled out a delightful little not-too-sweet-but-just-sweet-enough Riesling and it was a perfect style of wine.  Kanella’s breakfast is entirely savory (I mean, there are some desserts on the menu, but you’re not going to find pancakes and syrup or anything on the menu).  With enough citrus flavors and a touch of honey, it’s the perfect accompaniment.  And yes, if this means that you have a 10:30am reservation, you start drinking at 10:30am – it’s never “too early” for a good Riesling!


Step two: Dips of the Day are compulsory.  They are that good.  The above combination (one was lentil, one was fava bean, and one was garlic+potato) featured the absolute best dips I’ve ever had at Kanella.

Step three: Shaksouka … no – not everyone needs to get the Shaksouka, but one person [who shares] does.  g is a shaksouka-sucker … and boy am I glad she is!  The stewed tomatotoes and peppers with the multigrain bread and that just-cracked egg was stepped up to another level with lamb merguez (a $2 supplement that’s totally worth it) – it was amazeballs (before the lamb wasn’t an option and it was still amazing!).

So there you have it – three steps to a perfect Sunday brunch.  Better take advantage of it now while all the people in Philly are out of town at the shore on the weekends …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

12 July 2013 at 6:01pm

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