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Swiss Cro-Creme

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t says: I ordered up one of those “Swiss Cro-Cremes” the other day … actually – it was two Swiss Cro-Cremes.  Check it out:


pre-bite photo …


post-bite photo!

They were pretty tasty (yep, I ate two in 24 hours), but I’m not sure they’re worth all the “fuss”.  Here’s what I learned:
Fact #1: If you take a lot of sugar and fat and put it together, it’s going to taste pretty awesome.  I mean, how can fried dough with cinnamon-sugar outside, a nice creme on the inside and a frosting on top possibly taste bad?  It can’t!
Fact #2: After eating said amount of sugar and fat, it’s nearly impossible to feel “good” afterwards (seriously, I was full for ~6 hours … well … until I ate another one …)

However, I am reluctant to bother with going through the hassle of having to “reserve” them because I just don’t think they’re “interesting” enough.   I mean, where’s the “fun”?  Fednuts if fun because of the wacky flavors.  Capogiro is fun because of the vivid flavors and possible combinations.  But the Swiss Cro-creme, while tasty, can be a little monotonous – I know that by the end of my second donut, I had had enough of that particular creme that’s on the inside (I did, however, quite enjoy the viscosity of the icing!).  Maybe put a bit of chocolate in there?  Or maybe a fruit swirl?  I don’t know – I just need something a little more compelling to keep me coming back for more …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

19 July 2013 at 9:18pm

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