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t says:  a, v, g and I are huge Aimee Olexy fanboys.  We can’t help it.  Be it the Table or Garden, we just love to go.  And now: Talula’s Daily.  We came, we saw, we ate, and we were happy …


the menu for the evening sounded reasonable – nothing too crazy-or-exciting – just a pasta dinner, right?  trust me – it’s more!


the squid was served on a single plate and it was lovely – nicely done and coupled with pickled watermelon rind and those super-hot-peppers.  the aioli was a little bland (we were hoping it’d be a little more herb-y), but I think that we were pleasant surprised overall with the homey-yet-better-than-an-Italian-restaurant appeal.  a solid start!


this salad rocked my socks.   seriously – why would I ever eat a salad with un-grilled vegetables ever again?  every single component had the perfect texture (forkable, but with enough bite so you weren’t just eating mush) and that corn on the bottom was so vivid in flavor.  i really think this salad ruined salads for me …


now we thought the pasta was going to be the main event … but we were wrong – the meatballs were!  we were alotted so many meatballs that i cried uncle well before the food ran out.  they were soft in texture, with great flavors of pig and cow, and then covered in a pasta sauce which was made with ORANGE PEEL.  It was like a summer-kissed tomato sauce – very unique.  Now, I can see how traditionalists might poo-poo this kind of tinkering with tomatoes, but even g, the through-and-through-South-Jersey-“my-mom-makes-the-best-gravy”-Italian liked it!  So mad props to the chef on this one!


the cheese melted our faces off …  like, we entered the restaurant with faces, but we left with nothing more than a few specks of blackened skin clinging on a singed skull … i can’t remember what the cheeses were (my temporal lobes were also damaged in the aforementioned face-melting incident), but they were all so delicious, with unique personalities of flavor and texture that i don’t care.  Sure, there was dessert, which included a lovely home-made-lookin’ crisp and ice cream, and sure, it was also a wonderful close to the meal, typical of a meal at neighboring Talula’s Garden, but they had us at the cheese …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

2 September 2013 at 6:49pm

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