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t says:  The other day, a and I hit up Tashan for a workday lunch – a had a groupon burning a hole in his pocket and he owed me some payback for some recent wine acquisitions – so it was perfect!

September 2013, Lunch, Party of 2.  While a was nice enough to secure a reservation, it turned out that we did not need it at all – we were literally the only occupied table in the joint.  But that means that the kitchen could focus entirely on our food, right?  Check it out:


a and I didn’t go too creative on the entrees – saag paneer, butter chicken, and that nan-wrapped kobe beef kebab roll.  Now, every single item was nicely done – certainly a step up in technique from your standard Indian take-out.  Take the Saag paneer for instance – it was whipped to perfection, reaching a state of matter somewhere thicker than a mousse but with a surprising “fluffiness” that I’ve never had in Saag – quite a treat!  I kind of preferred Ekta’s depth of flavor in their Butter chicken to Tashan’s, but the chicken cookery, itself, was superior at Tashan.  And that kebab thingee was quite delicious – a nice spicy punch in the mouth to make sure you were awake (I’m not sure if being “kobe” really added anything to the beef, as the fat-iliciousness wasn’t really appreciable).  Really, I had no problems with any of the food, and by the end of the meal, I was wishing my stomach was larger so it could fit more!  Be that as it may, I’m not sure if Tashan is truly giving Indian cuisine the sex appeal that its owner intends (the place’s finishes, layout, and colors remind me of a wannabe nightclub), but I liked the upscale touches on the food.  I’m certain that traditionalists will continue to crucify this place for not being “authentic” … but I hope those people buckle up their seatbelts for …


… INDIAN WINE!!  dun dun DUN!  This is not yo’ momma’s mango lassee.  This is real-deal wine from India.  AND – they were offering it by the glass, so  I just had to try … after ensuring it was really from Indian grapes …


Sooooo … I ordered up a glass of the stuff, being a sucker for Sauvignon Blanc, especially those with petrol/rubber.  The server came over and offered me a “taste” at first, warning me that in his experience, not every patron liked the wine.  After such a preview, I prepared for something that would taste like a cross between garbage and butt.  However, as I swirled and swished, mulling over the flavors, I wasn’t repulsed.  He suggested, “a little green, huh?”.  I completely disagreed.  Actually – this wine was quite good!  It was very different than a NZ or CA or French Sauv Blanc – but still had that minerality and acid.  There was a more plush stone fruit up front that immediately went to a floral/rubber taste and a hint of grass on the finish.  Great evolution of flavor on the palate.  We inquired and the server guessed it was in the neighborhood of $10-14 per bottle (if it can be found).  At that price, hell yeah I’d buy some more – and I’d bring it to every wine snob’s house and make ’em taste it blind.  It’s that much fun!  (P.S. if you like chardonnay or Santa Margherita, you’re not going to like this wine).

So overall, this was a great showing by Tashan – and this is without their original chef.  a and I were impressed.  We are sad, though, that the place was just way too empty; we fear that they’re just not going to be able to stay open with this [lack of] traffic.  Such a shame!  On the up side, if you wanted to plan a surreptitious romantic meal with no witnesses, then this would be the place to do it.  Of course, you’d probably feel like you were on one, even if you were just two friends going to lunch …

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9 September 2013 at 8:45pm

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