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t says: Jamonera is a tough subject here at adsz because we had one bad experience with g, kp, and me, followed by two good experiences with a and v. And with how strong Barbuzzo and Lolita are/were, the bar is set pretty high.

g and I waited for a revisit, and boy did the opportunity present itself:

With a menu like that, featuring cheese in multiple preparations, this was obviously just baiting me to come and try. Now, because there are so many dishes, a blow-by-blow account would be far too tedious, so let’s cut to the highs and lows …

The three dishes for the first course were a pretty solid way to start us off, with the salad being the healthiest thing we had the entire night. Fortunately, it was a well constructed salad with enough acid and fruit to reset the palate after what was essentially the best fried mozzarella stick (n.b. not mozzarella) I’ve ever had. The cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped date, however, was just too much – I couldn’t handle more than one due to the sheer richness (I never thought I’d want mmoorree date). It really broke my spirit to know that I was going to let that one get away … Do note that we did bring our own wine and suffer the agony of a corkage fee, but for Dan Petroski’s absolutely sublime blend of Italian grapes (with a smidge of Chardonnay), it was sooo worth it. It’s floral edge and fist of electric citrus was exactly what we needed to cut the cheese …

This was the best item of course number two – it was a mix of stupidly simple and flavor-filled brilliance that kept us oscillating between “we could do this at home” and “omg, this is soooooo good”.

The third course would probably split the gang. g liked the pork flatbread thingee. The shortrib was probably my favorite, but I sensed that a really enjoyed the rice. No matter which way you cut it, the bottom line is that if anyone was “pacing” themselves through the courses to ensure they would have room for everything, it all came to an end as all of us filled our bellies to within a micron of bursting … And we still had leftovers … AND the cheese/dessert course!

Now I have to say that I felt the cheese course, ironically, was the weakest course. While that cheese+Nutella was the absolute most perfect combo of flavor so had all night, the cheese with the berry compote was lackluster and had a weird texture, and the third cheese was pretty much an afterthought. It’s ok though – we were full so we weren’t sad to leave some cheese behind!

So, in summary, Jamonera did a wonderful job with a large majority of the plates.  And even the ones that weren’t-as-good were not actually at all that bad.  The meat cookery was top notch.  The service was attentive.  Really, outside of the corkage fee, the Jamonera has totally redeemed itself in our eyes.  Now I’m not sure if they’re going to go toe-to-toe against Amada, but I’m sure they’d give Amada a run for its money.  Good job Jamonera.  Keep up the good work!  (And ditch the cheese course … and keep the Nutella).

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29 October 2013 at 1:04pm

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  1. I must know which cheese went with that Nutella!


    30 October 2013 at 2:13am

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