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t says: Tonight, I was hungry, so I peered into the fridge.  We had enough for the following well-balanced meal:


roasted kale; hand-pulled mozzarella, balsamic, and olive oil from DiBruno; and Jersey Cake.

What is “Jersey Cake”?  Well, for starters, no one actually calls it “Jersey Cake” – I just needed something to call it in the photo.  Be that as it may, this cake oozes awesomeness, so it deserves some explanation.  It’s form this small bakery in southern NJ called Terrigno’s.  g’s best high school friend frequently gets their family’s birthday cakes from them (actually, I believe they might be the only bakery they get cakes from).  Today was her son’s second birthday, so they got some cake.  And what a cake it was!  This leftover slab that you see is a fudge-chocolate frosted layer cake, where the cake is banana cake (kinda like banana bread – not just artificial banana flavoring), and the inner stripes are chocolate-peanut-butter … and it. is. crazy.  Oh – yea – and there are chocolate chips scattered throughout.  I totally just had a dinner of moz’ and kale just so I could eat more cake …

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3 November 2013 at 8:32pm

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