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t says:  In an era where it seems like gluten-free is the next cool, hip thing, I often wonder if there will come along a restaurant like Vedge that, while maintaining freedom from gluten, will be so good that everybody will want to go there (maybe they can name the restaurant Gluteny … you know … like Gluttony).

While Rex1516 isn’t attempting to be that restaurant, and while gluten-free cooking generally makes me sad, I have to say that their gluten-free menu looks pretty darn amazing.


I love how even though it’s a gluten-free menu, it’s very clearly in-no-way-whatsoever “healthy”.  That makes me happy.  Like really happy.  Why?  Because anyone who is choosing to eat gluten-free because of some belief that gluten is inherently unhealthy would be a hypocrite for eating here, as I guarantee that bacon, andouille, butter, meat-meat-and-more-meat is even moreso unhealthy than gluten ever could be.  And for those who indeed have celiac disease, they can be happy like the rest of us, indulging in soul-satisfying pork/beef/fat-laden foods.  I thank Rex1516 for allowing them to share the experience!

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3 August 2014 at 9:09pm

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