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t says:  It’s actually be a while since we’ve had some consistent posting – I’ve fallen way behind!  So now it’s time to play some catch-up.


For one of our recent goodbye dinners with cm and k, we went to Zahav.  The tasting menu is still as good as  ever was, making me wonder how we could have ever have doubted this place (when they first opened, we found a lot of the flavors to be monotonous).  I will say, however, that the hummus portion is actually a bit daintier than it once was (the pita is plentiful, but the humus could barely be enough for 1 pita, much less two).  The salatim was phenomenal …


… as was our appetizers and entrees (shout-out to the watermelon-feta-olive salad in the foreground, cauliflower on the left – the only dish we purposefully ordered two of).


I will say that the desserts were solid, too.  Nothing too out of this world (cake and baklava, chocolate mousse thing, vanilla panna cotta thing, watermelon sorbet), but a wonderful ending to the meal.  In short, go to Zahav, get the tasting menu, and dine happily.  It is a pretty good deal when all is said and done (and this comes from someone who used to be <$40pp when they first opened!)


In other news, it seems that now there will be ramen right on Penn’s campus.  I’m happy they’re there, but I do hope they can step up their game from the first (and last) time I was there.


For my last update, enter this pretty awesome Sauvignon Blanc that I found at the PLCB store on 21st and Market.  I’ve been a big fan of Greywacke since 2011.  New Zealand rubber/petrol with plush zingee stone fruit and pineapple up front, and then finishes hard with a chalky, lemon pithy finish that is very addictive.  Warning: not everyone will love this wine.  But there will be a population that does.  And hopefully they will leave a few at the store for me so I can reload whenever I need …

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6 August 2014 at 6:22pm

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