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t says:  In case you were wondering, yes, that’s pronounced “Happiness” (I know, my attempt at humor was not a success – do I get points for trying?).  g, a, v, a friend, and I went to Jamonera just recently, and all I can say is “wow”.  Since the first time we went, two years ago, until now, there has been such refinement in the offerings that we were all uber-impressed this time around.  It was the gang’s first meal together like this since coming back from Spain (so obviously, we chose to go to a Spanish restaurant), and it was like we never left.  The jamon iberico was acorny.  The veggies were spot-on.  Every fish was done beautifully.  The meats had a simplicity about them but were full of flavor.  In all, it was a splendid evening of food, made even more splendid by Jamonera’s wonderful hostess that evening.  While we were the recipients of some preferential treatment (a, v, and the hostess are friends), I refuse to believe that this somehow translated into Jamonera’s chefs to do anything different with their food – I think the food is just that good.  It’s a shame that I wasn’t fast enough with the camera for the multi-course event – this is what I got:

August 2014, Friday Dinner, Party of 5.


first course of a peculiar mixture of jamon, shisito peppers, some pickles, and then on the right, a pile of smoked salmon atop tomato and goat cheese, which was the biggest “bam” of the dish (i never would have put those together – but now I might!).  And yes, shisito peppers are like new “it” vegetable, seemingly found anywhere that wants to char a vegetable, but I can’t fault them for doing it well.


dates+bacon+cheese=happiness.  there really is no other way to solve that equation.  It did remind us of Mercato’s bacon-wrapped figs, and if the two got into a monkey-knife-fight, I would have no idea who’d win.  I will say that this was a wonderful bite overall, and I’m thankful there weren’t more because I would have definitely have eaten all of them.  The background had these eggplant-fries that also made me wonder, “why had I not thought of this?”.  Answer: I’m not as smart as Jamonera.


steak. potatoes.  ’nuff said.


you have to do the doughnuts for dessert.  Now, the doughnuts by themselves are “ok” – but when you dunk them in the heaven-sauce above, you realize just how lucky you are to be able to finish a meal with this amazing mix of fat and sugar.  sad will be the day i have to start a statin.

Jamonera did a fabulous job, but I’m afraid that no one’s noticing.  All too often, I even catch myself zipping through those 13th street emails (the ones with the “special dinners” at Jamonera, Barbuzzo, and Little Nonna’s) without even noting Jamonera’s offering.  Shame on me!  Is it because everyone’s “over” Spanish food?  Is it because there’s already Amada and Tinto in town, along with the Mediterranean likes of Barbuzzo?  Or maybe we’re now just too stuck on “plant-friendly” (if I hear or read another thing about Charlie was a Sinner or “the new Vedge place”, I might savagely poke someone with the blunt end of a carrot), so richness and decadence in animal form is so “last year”?  Regardless, I will say that the flavors were quite good in this meal – don’t believe me? Ask a.  a states:  the dates, the branzino, and the desserts crushed it (including our double secret desserts that you can’t mention here).  t comes back on: Oh – did I mention the Branzino was to die for? It was. We ate it so fast there were no pictures.  So yes, the food is good – like “almost Zahav” good; I think Jamonera is one hummus plate away from winning that battle (unlike others, I don’t give Zahav extra points for using “off” cuts of meat like duck heart, ground lamb, etc – if it tastes good, it tastes good – I don’t care about what it was).  The difference, however, might come down to price.  While the preferential treatment we had thrown our way did result in a meal that was cheaper than Zahav, we know that technically Zahav is the better “deal”.  Be that as it may, while Zahav’s desserts are quite good, Jamonera’s doughnuts put such a smile on my face that when it comes time for the bill, I’d sign almost anything …

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10 August 2014 at 4:21pm

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