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A productive week in SF!

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t says:  Since moving here, g and I needed to re-visit a few places we’ve eaten – you know – just to make sure they were still good.  It’s not that we’re afraid of trying some place new, but we needed to start off with the familiar before venturing out to the boundaries of the SF dining scene!

little star

For a “chill” last meal in SF with my folks we did some pizza.  They had just returned from a trip to Monterey/Carmel-by-the-Sea/Big Sur and we wanted to get some comforting take-out.  Having been introduced to Little Star by kp, we ordered it up and had it delivered.  My parents loved the deep dish (in the background), while I preferred this white pesto pizza with all kinds of other toppings.  We got the chicken wings as kind-of-a-joke, but they were actually quite tasty!  (Their size was just microscopic – I guess those chickens weren’t given the normal growth hormones that we’re used to – I’m sure they were free range and lived happy lives …)



We broke fast one morning at Plow in Potrero Hill.  An interesting place, Plow, as reviews suggest that this place warrants huge-ass lines on the weekends in excess of 2 hours!!  While it is a cute place, and while the pancakes ate exactly as a perfected buttermilk pancake, I’m not sure they’re worth obsessing over …



… g did however love the “Plow potatoes” and the “perfectly” poached eggs.  Our decision: Plow is delicious, and we had no faults with a single thing we ate.  They weren’t redefining brunch as we know it, but they were merely doing no wrong in the delivery of any of their dishes.  So they get a bravo … but maybe just a bravo we’d rather visit during the week when there are no lines …



Enter Sightglass roasters.  They have some tasty coffees, and even tastier pastries from a smattering of bakeries across the city.  The spacious seating area is nice, but I have to say that the folks are being too nonchalantly cool for my taste –  either that or I am neither nonchalant nor cool enough to hang with them … g did mention some insane-sounding scone that included cherry and chocolate that was SO good that she didn’t save me any :’-(



So g and I wanted to hit up “DogPatch” the “up-and-coming” area just to the south of us on New Year’s Eve.  It’s a peculiar neighborhood, not so much “seedy” as it is “unpopulated”.  That said, there are a few cool places to visit including a cheese shop (Fromagerie) and this place: Smokestack.  One part bar, one part bbq cafeteria, the food was super-tasty.  They do ribs and brisket and sausage and duck by the half-pound, with an assortment of sauces.  While the ribs ar ethe most eye-catching (they’re huge and wagyu), go for the brisket, which was absolutely, positively insane (and that’s not just the kimchi bbq sauce, talkin’).  I also did notice their brewery onsite (it’s Magnolia Brewing) which most people would love (we don’t do beer), and an adventurous whisky list (at usual SF-inflated prices).  Their cocktails were reasonably priced (surprise!), including one I got call Dutchman’s Flat, that included rye with ginger and lemon as well as savory hits of nori and beef bouillon.  In the end the latter were very subtle (so it was more rye + ginger + lemon), but I appreciate the thought!  We texted kp while we were there to tell him we “found” a place to take him when he visits … yea … he already knew about it and was here – you can’t pull one over on kp!  We were surprised, however, to find out that the place is in some financial troubles, according to a recent Eater article; whatever is going on, we had a delicious meal and want to bring my sis and her new fiance here pronto! (I hope they’re still open!)  We did also go to The Third Rail (no pictures) – also some reasonably priced cocktails!  And Whisky-Jerky pairings!  We’ll have to come back to do an official review sooner or later.



On a return to Absinthe on a rainy afternoon of window-shopping, g and I were allured by their burger and portobello-grilled-cheese sandwiches (guess who got which).  And while both were solid, I have to say that the star was the carrot cake dessert.  I don’t know what was in that white-looking shmear ont he plate, but it had a sour kick to it that was amazing with the sweet carrot cake.  The lavender ice cream was useless, however.  It was a dessert that flirted with perfection – next time, Absinthe!



g and I have also been searching for “our new Gusto”.  When we lived in Philly, we were right around the corner from Gusto’s Pizza, which was our go-to every two weeks for a quick take-out pie, at a reasonable price.  Unfortunately, around us, in Mission Bay, there ain’t much in the way of pizza.  I mean, yea, Domino’s and Papa Johns would probably deliver, but we want something with a better neighborhood connection.  We went with Goat Hill Pizza, which I have to say was quite good!  Their sourdough crust’s flavor was subtly (i.e. I didn’t object, which normally I hate sourdough) and there was something especially “creamy” with the cheese which was a nice touch; and the sauce wasn’t sweet!  Yay!  It’s no Zavino’s “Stache” pizza, but it was solid!  We’d definitely try it again.


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14 January 2016 at 4:10pm

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