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Storming Bernal Heights Hill

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t says:  What do San Franciscans do on the weekend?  It seems that they like to go “hiking”.  Now, because g and I are new to the area, we needed a “warm-up” hike – you know, something in the city, something easy to climb, something easy to get an Uber from should we fail … Fortunately, we had experienced hikers k and cm show us how it’s done …


Step 1 is to have a hearty breakfast.  While maybe not as unctuous as a patented a-breakfast-sandwich (bagel, pork x2, runny egg, blue cheese), this one, crafted by cm embodies the one undeniable fact: we’re in California now!  That means a thin cream cheese layer, pickled red onions, cut tomatoes, and some smoked fish with a side of an egg scramble.  With our bellies pleasantly full, we were ready to conquer Bernal Heights Hill …



On the way to the hill (or maybe it was on the way down from the hill) we stopped by some cute stores, which in typical cute-store fashion, were selling over-priced Korean crap.  We’ll wait until we hit a real Korean grocery for our gochujang, thank you very much.



We did see a sign outside one deli advertising something to the extent of “PB&J made by a robot!”.  We went inside to check it out and we found that this contraption, for $2, would assemble a PB&J sandwich, right before your very eyes!  It reminded me of something we might see in Japan or something (not that I have ever been to Japan).  We did like how there was a nutella option, as well as four different kinds of jam.  I can’t imagine the sandwich was THAT delicious, but it was pretty fun to watch!



We did it!  Bernal Heights Hill!  It was actually pretty hard to capture just how impressive of a hill it was, so we apologize to the Hill that this doesn’t look like much. 

Now that our first hill has been conquered we’re looking forward to developing our hill-climbing muscles so we can take on the bigger, badder sites throughout Cali.  Who knows where we’ll wind up next?

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18 January 2016 at 12:38am

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