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An Instant Philly Fave!

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t says:  I’ve been holding back on this review for a while because I couldn’t figure out how best to do it.  Normally, for a restaurant that was this delicious, I like to do a dish-by-dish review.  But the lighting was so low that the photos all came out terribly.  So now what?  And I don’t have the gift of word necessary to carry you through an entire multi-course meal.  So I decided to keep it tight:


First, I wanted to prove to you how terrible the photos were.  I mean look at this thing!  It looks disgusting!  What’s that supposed to even be?  There is simply nothing I could say at this point to make you want to try the above dish … which would be a shame … 


… because then you’d miss out on the best Boeuf Bourgignon that I’ve ever had – which is a lot of Boeuf!  For me it could not be any better: the beef was braised to perfect tenderness, and it was accompanied by the perfect consistency of the vegetables and the perfect depth in the sauce.  Sure other people had things on the table that I tried and also enjoyed (the fennel salad was spot-on, the spice goat was actually spicy, and the shakshuka was Kanella-good), but that Beef will haunt me until the next time I can have it again …  Gawd I want some right now …  I will mention one caveat – it was frickin’ snowing in April, so the Boeuf also gave me the psychological hug I needed to give me the strength to go outside again …



Did I mention that the desserts were also delicious?  This is a huge plus in my book.  In a world where people are half-assing their desserts, I’m glad to see some with actual creativity and execution – good job Neuf!

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22 May 2016 at 3:33pm

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