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A Missing Month!

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t says:  Holy cow!  It’s been a whole month since our last post!  How shameful!  I guarantee that we’ve been eating – it’s just that I didn’t have time to eat and type!  So it’s time for a photostorm!!!!


We’ve eaten a LOT of Long Bridge pizza.  It’s a bit insane to think that this is our “local pizza place”, as it’s definitely something that we would typically reserve for a weekend (given cost and fancy-ness).  However, when faced with just how good it tastes, g and I happily splurge on these two: the meatball pizza with the calabrian chili is to crazy-good, and the kale pizza special.  Hell – we’ve been guilty of ordering a large (or two) and freezing the rest for those lazy weekday nights when all we can muster is the strength to reheat a slice or two.



For our anniversary, we ventured to Flour + Water.  This was my first time and g’s nth time.  Given the difficulty in securing a reservation and how much our friends had loved it, I knew it was going to be good – definitely anniversary-worthy.  We also pulled out a bottle of ’08 Detert Cab Franc (in the background) to mark the occasion – and boy did the sparks fly between the wine and the food!



This pork rind and pickled tomatoes and ?polenta-corn-something-or-other? were an incredible way to start the meal.  I didn’t realize how hungry I was until taking these first bites.  I swear that these pictures just do not do justice to just how yummy these items were.  Given the excess of pork rinds, we held a moment of silence for kp: we miss you! come back!



This salmon-filled pasta pouch was a complete mind-twist.  It was served with a clear [tomato?] broth, that when combined with the pasta gave the mouth a sensation that was as deep and full of flavor as any soulful cioppino or seafood stew that I could imagine … but it was a simple ravioli-ish thing in a clear broth!  Crazy!


The rabbit tortellini ripped my head clear off my shoulders.  In some kind of buttery sauce, it sang for minutes on the palate with a delicate-but-unctuous presence that combined with the cab franc just so!  I mean, the other dishes were amazing as well that night (we’ll spare you the photos of pasta on pasta on pasta), but this one was the one I’ll remember [until my next time].  I do want to say that Flour + Water’s showing that night was superior to SPQR’s pasta menu because the flavors are homier, but just as profound, which we think make for a more craveable experience.  Don’t get me wrong – they’re both tasty – and SPQR rides the “unique” train (beet+beef + pasta!) – but as I daydream of pastas, it’s going to be F+W’s that come to mind.


This picture is NOT from F+W, rather from Foreign Cinema.  Let me just get it out of the way right now: Foreign Cinema was underwhelming.  The “movie” that you’re supposed to be able to watch was a lie – it wasn’t even started when we got there, and we were seated far out of the way.  I guess you have to request a seat out in the garden?  On top of that, the food was quite forgettable.  I mean – I forgot what anyone else had already.  Even this dish, a pasta with bitter greens, cheese, and breadcrumbs should have been an easy homerun (I mean, if g and I can kill it at home with these ingredients, a restaurant should do better, right?), but it was “meh” at best.  The rest of the meal was similar – nothing remarkable – all quite snooze-worthy.  We sat, we ate, we left, and we proceeded to forget …  We did, however, go to Butter for Karaoke Sunday.  Pictures are not included to protect the innocent.  We’d definitely go back (with friends).



During a trip to Napa, we hit up Redd Wood in Yountville.  Now this was redemption after the previous night’s snoozefest at Foreign Cinema.  The pole beans were a pretty boring looking item on the menu, but let’s just say that the char on these was fabulous.  I’m never eating steamed beans every again – burn mine forevermore!  We also did an obligatory four-cheese pizza (with an egg), a cheese plate, and a squid salad – but my sis claims that the pole beans were the best.  The rest of us can’t believe that she’d dis’ a four-cheese pizza like that, but I guess the bottom line is that Redd Wood delivered in spades, and might be my new favorite Napa lunch!  (Better than Addendum?  Maybe …)



I have but a single picture from a dinner at Statebird Provisions.  A crime – I know.  Above is a japanese egg custard topped with kimchi and uni.  Go ahead and imagine that for a second.  Well this was even better than what you’re imagining.  It was rich and somehow light.  It was spicy and somehow flavorful (i.e. it wasn’t just a mouthful of spice).  It was a perfect bite.  Yes, Statebird had a lot of other wonderful dishes, from dumplings, to fried rice, to a crazy good kung poa sweetbreads, to burrata – and while it seems ridiculous to omit all the description of the variety that we had, I think you’re better served by this summary: if you want an “interesting”, “delicious” meal that’s an “experience”, then this is your place.  If you’re prone to hesitation or fear or food restrictions or sefishness (i.e. can’t share with tablemates), then don’t even bother.  Your interaction with hearing about food, choosing food, eating food, and groaning about deliciousness takes center stage here – so if that doesn’t appeal to you, then SBP isn’t going to be fun.  Now me: I love this place.  g “likes” it, but it’s not going to win over her heart of hearts – she wants less fuss, less “show”, less pressure to choose between plates that arrive at the table in random order – just give her delicious food and that’s it.



Oh Zazie.  You sly dog.  We roll in there on a Tuesday and you blow us away with delightful food, a BYO policy, and tip-includedness.  You can do no wrong.  Seafood stew (above)?  Done.  Lamb?  No problem.  Pork?  Piece of cake.  Now if only you were closer …

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5 July 2016 at 11:22am

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